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Gynecological Services

Annual/Routine Gynecological Exams
Annual gynecological exams are critical to a woman’s health and well-being.  The goal of this exam is to ensure that our patients are maintaining quality sexual and reproductive health.  We encourage our patients to bring any questions they may have to this exam.  We like to meet with adolescents as they enter puberty to discuss body changes and other adolescent concerns.  Patients should expect inquiries about their menstrual cycle, sexual history and current contraception use.  We will also perform breast and genital exams in age appropriate patients.  We provide STD testing and discuss recommended vaccinations based on age and current health status.
Abnormal Pap Smear
Our staff understands that having an abnormal pap smear can be an anxiety provoking experience. We explain the significance of the abnormality in detail. We also offer further testing and many treatment options for pre-cancerous conditions of the cervix.
Bartholin’s Cyst
We educate our patients on methods that can be used to treat common symptoms, such as pain, discomfort and fluid/leakage. Our staff is skilled in incision and drainage. Other options offered include word catheter placement, marsupialization and excision of the gland.
Gardasil Vaccination
We can discuss the value of this important vaccine for protection against HPV, cervical cancer and genital warts.  We are also available if you have questions or concerns about HPV, this vaccine, or anything else related to HPV.
Breast Health
We strongly believe in self breast awareness and strive to educate our patients on this topic.  During each annual exam, we perform and teach patients how to perform monthly self-breast exams.  We are highly qualified in common breast concerns, such as breast lumps, breast pain and nipple discharge.  Routine mammogram is offered annually for patients 40 and older.  If you have a family history of breast cancer or other related cancers you may qualify for earlier screening.
Menstrual Disorders
Our staff is incredibly knowledgeable in the treatment of menstrual disorders, including yet not limited to: abnormal uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstrual bleeding, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).  We provide education on how the menstrual cycle works as well as common menstrual disorders. We encourage questions and discussion from our patients!  Learning more about your body helps you understand your condition.
We meet with our patient and listen to their concerns.  We will be there to help you throughout your journey.  We coordinate specialist care as well as fill in the gaps when you have additional questions or concerns.  We offer patients a roadmap and plan.  Meet with us today to see how we can help you.
Prolapse (Uterine or Bladder)
Uterine prolapse commonly occurs in postmenopausal women.  We encourage you to come to us with your concerns.  Do not be shy!  We will recommend both nonsurgical and surgical treatments depending on your individual concerns and needs.  We provide vaginal pessary fittings and cleanings.  Pelvic floor physical therapy may be a part of the treatment plan as well as vaginal or minimally invasive surgery.  We will find the right solution for you.  This is more common than you think.  Do not hestitate to meet with us to discuss.  You will be glad you did!
Endometriosis/Pelvic Pain
We understand that the common symptoms associated with endometriosis, such as pain, menstrual irregularities and/or painful sexual intercourse can be frustrating.  We begin by educating our patients on self-care recommendations.  We counsel on medical management options.  Our staff is experienced in laparoscopic surgery and may refer you to a specialist if needed.
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Our staff has extensive experience in PCOS management.  Because PCOS may affect multiple organ systems, we work with our patients in making an individualized treatment plan involving not only the reproductive system, but also treating other conditions, such as facial hair growth, inability to lose weight and abnormal lipid profiles, which can cause distress to women.  If you are concerned you have PCOS or have been diagnosed in the past, meet with us today to have more insight into your condition and treatment options.
There are many treatment options for management of fibroids.  Asymptomatic fibroids may require monitoring for growth rate and symptoms.  Larger and more symptomatic fibroids may need medical and/or surgical options.  We can discuss these with you and together with your personal goals formulate a plan that fits your needs and concerns.
Gynecology Exam